My experience with seniors helping seniors has been awesome. It started in June 2022 with Terry Cuzzocrea, owner. The caregiver he placed me with a caregiver, who I consider a friend now. She was taking me to my home for the winter; when hurricane Ian reared his ugly head and destroyed our destination. I am now in Arizona, where another daunting task hit my life. Compiling the insurance company's spreadsheet containing all of my home's possessions.  I reached out to Terry back in Indiana, asking for help. He sent me Andrew Lask, the most patient, competent person I now call a friend. Both locations of Seniors helping seniors has my vote; and heartfelt praise. I have worked with others in these organizations. It’s the people running these operations that keep great employees that truly care. Carol C

— Client Testimonial - January 23, 2023

Andy is a compassionate professional who wants to help seniors live comfortably with joy. He cares for his clients and their families very well.

— Isabelle C. Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce Member
Pauline (Caregiver) is an absolute doll. Very efficient, personable, and so pleasant. You're lucky to have her on your team. I feel like I'm getting Platinum service between you and her. Thank you!
Mary R.
— Client Comment - October 14, 2022

Our family has had the pleasure of working with Andy and his team of caregiving professionals in the care of our 82-year-old mother.  When we initially met with Andy, we were in crisis, having recently moved our mother from a home setting to a memory care facility. From our initial assessment meeting with Andy, it was evident his service was the perfect fit for our mother’s care. His level of professionalism, empathy, and attention to detail in finding the perfect caregivers for our mom make his service unique and exceptional.

Andy has placed two caregivers (Barb and Lynn) with my mother, who has Parkinson-related dementia and mobility issues. We could not be more pleased with both caregivers, as they are highly skilled, compassionate, and trustworthy.  They have taken the time to personally get to know my mother’s history, personality, likes/dislikes, and interests, in order to provide the most responsive, personalized care for her.

In the course of a day, Barb and Lynn perform a variety of tasks: driving and companionship to personal and medical appointments, assisting my mother with walking around the facility grounds, helping my mom participate in group facility activities, and being a trusted friend to my mother for much-needed emotional support and care.  Barb and Lynn have been flexible in their care as my mother’s level of need has increased, always responding promptly and appropriately to her ever changing medical and emotional needs.  Andy’s loving caregivers provide a crucial “second set of eyes” for our family, reporting to us after each visit with details of the day and changes in the physical and emotional needs of our mother.

Watching a parent physically and emotionally decline is very difficult and affects the entire family.  Andy and his team of caregivers have walked beside us on this difficult journey and have eased our burden with their extraordinary level of care.  I wholeheartedly recommend Seniors Helping Seniors.  This service is a blessing for my mother and our entire family.

Thank you,

Nicole G. & Lisa E.

— Client Testimonial - October 14, 2022

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